If you are unsure of what size to order, measure according to your waist size (just above the belly button). The jeans fit true to waist size but are bigger around the legs so they can fit comfortably when you have muscular legs. We have made our jeans to fit most big athletic legs so they still look fashionable. If however your quad size is higher than the corresponding table below, you can choose to order one size up. Our jeans have a regular style fit and are not skinny jeans. You can however choose a lower size if you want them to fit tighter. Please use the corresponding table below.


Our jeans have a decent stretch in them and will be somewhat looser when you wear them for a day. The waist is measured around 1cm above the belly button at the widest point. The seat is the widest measurement around the booty en the thigh is measured at the highest point of your leg just under your crotch. The inseam lenght is the length of the jeans up until the crotch.

If you are still unsure, please shoot us a message below or on info@vitruvian-apparel.com. We will happily help you with any sizing questions you may have.