Vitruvian Apparel is a lifestyle apparel and accessories brand, manufacturer & online retailer based in the Netherlands. We focus on lifestyle clothing made for athletic body types.
We will put our focus on creating the best fit possible for athletic body types, no longer will they be overlooked. Focusing primarily on denim jeans, we created a denim that is both fashionable and has the perfect fit for muscular legs, without having to compromise on a waist size you have worked hard for.
Created in 2016 by brothers Kevin & Ashwin Wullems. Growing tired of constantly trying new brands and clothing which didn't fit right we decided we would fix the problem ourselves by designing apparel that have a better fit and are also fashionable. Vitruvian Apparel was created. Vitruvian will focus on growth and adding different kinds of apparel in the future. We will keep our customers in mind and will continue to innovate and create a social presence throughout the world.